Pool Wiring & Bonding

Instructional Video

Pool Bonding Test Procedure

You will need:

  • An analog meter. They are less than $20.00 at Home Depot or Lowes and are the old style that has a needle for a gauge. To make sure you have good solid connections, get the alligator clips that slide over the points of the leads. (Tech Supplied)
  • A length of #8 Copper Wire long enough to go from the pool pump to the farthest item to be tested. Shop Supplied)
  • Inspection Form to be sent to customer. (All forms are in The Safety Culture App)


  • Set your meter on Ohms and clip one lead on one end of the #8 Test wire and one on the other end. If the reading pins the meter, move from the X1 position to the X10 position. (The reading you see is the resistance of the test wire)
  • Using the adjustment screw under the needle, move the needle back to zero. It is now calibrated and ready to use)
  • Attach one end of the #8 to the bonding wire at the pump. If it fits under the same l;ug, that will be fine, if not remove the existing wire from the pump and securely attach it to the testing wire, making certain the connection is tight under a split bolt or large wire nut. (Make sure all oxidation is cleaned first)
  • Take a picture of the starting meter showing it being zeroed out and the connections to the existing #8 and add to the report. 
  • Unrolling the #8 Test wire, go to the first required test point.
  • Attach one of the meters leads securely to the end on the test wire and the other to the object being tested. (With the meter at zero, it is now as if one of your leads is on the bonding wire at the pump)
  • Record your reading in the report, clearly identifying the exact location of the object being tested.
  • Take a Photo of the test point, and the meter reading and add them to the report under that location.
  • Indicate if that location passed or failed inspection in the report. The reading should be zero to pass.
  • Check all Pump house wiring and pump gfci protection and function and verify all is code compliant.
  • If there are no violations, add a green “Passed” sticker to the panel, with the date and your signature. 


  • Add all violations to the report with photos.
  • Create an estimate for the repairs needed to bring every item up to code, alert office when it is ready to be sent. 
  • Add a red failure sticker to the electrical panel.
  • If the pool is open and there are violations, turn the electric off to the equipment, lock the breaker off and add a picture to the report along with notes that it is off.
  • Immediately notify the property management of the violations and that we will not leave it energized in that condition.
  • Notify the office of the status and the urgency of repairs that may be needed. 
  • Send the completed report to the office to be added to the customers file and invoice. 

Pool Bonding Test Procedure