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We understand that when customers request electrical service they are expecting quality work done at a fair price without surprises on the invoice and we feel the same way. This is why we will always give you a price BEFORE doing the work, We also know that price is only one aspect of the deciding whom to trust your electrical system and families safety with. This is why we offer a lifetime labor warranty on our work and include labor in the products warranty that we supply. We even provide residential emergency electrical service without charging overtime for holiday or after hours electrical emergencies!  So give us a call, you will not be disappointed,


We can help you get the sore muscles saying ahhhh, right away with a new safe Hot Tub Wiring project

Hot Tubs

Express Electricians know how to wire hot tubs like nobody's business. I'm not sure if people are working too hard and need to chill out their achy muscles or if they're just stressed from political debates, but either way, hot tubs are a great way relax. Just make you choose a contractor who values quality and safety above all else. NC Express Electricians will never sacrifice quality and safety..

TV Mounts

The first Flat Screen TV I saw was about 42" and cost almost $3,000! Yes, that was a long time ago and a with the price of that same TV less that $200.00 today we have few hundred installs under our belt. We can also provide and install just about any kind of mount for any installation, be it on a Flat wall or hung from the ceiling , inside or out, We can Tilt the TV for better viewing, use an Articulating TV Mount so you can fold it away when not in use, or  even have your TV un-fold from under  the foot of your bed with the push of a button. You bet,  mounting TVs and concealing the wires is 2nd nature to us.

Yes we mount TVs anyplace. Inside, Outside, moveable mount, Drop from the ceiling or raise up from the floor

Attic Fans

Reduce your A/C bill and keep the house cooler with an attic fan

Attic fans like TVs have also  evolved and we handle them all. From the standard Gable end attic fan to a smart fan that can be programmed for heat & humidity. It will even start running  slow and ramp up the speed as the day goes on and the attic air heats up to save you energy. NC Express Electricians can size your fan perfectly, provide it, and of course wire it. For your convenience,  we even include  a switch at the attic entrance just in case you need to turn it off and don't want to balance across the ceiling joists to reach it. 

Portable Generator Power Inlet

Hey, if you're not ready for a big whole house generator, we've got some awesome news for you! With a portable generator interlock kit, you can use almost everything in your house without worrying about being in the dark or losing all your frozen food. With our wiring set up you can keep your house lit up while everyone else is using candles. Call NC Express for a free estimate and generator sizing and can even hook you up with a portable generator if you need one. Let us light up your life.

If you don't need a whole house generator, the next best thing is a generator interlock switch
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